Asya Fateyeva, born in Crimea in 1990, is a classical saxophonist with a broad repertoire that includes her own original works for her instrument, as well as works from the Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods. The young musician has more than a little experience adapting compositions for her instrument. As a tenor saxophonist, she is a permanent member of the renowned Alliage Quintet. Since 2014, she has been a Lecturer teaching classical saxophone at the Münster University of Music.

Order Tramadol Online India The list of her prizes and stipends is long, extending from first place in the nationwide competition Jugend musiziert (Youth Plays Music) in 2006 and the Gerd Bucerius Junior Stipend of the ZEIT Foundation, through First Prize at the German Music Competition in Bonn in 2012, and Third Prize in the internationally renowned Adolphe Sax Competition in Belgium in 2014, to the Berenberg Cultural Prize, which Asya Fateyeva won in 2015.

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Asya Fateyeva