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The Foundation of the Friends of the Hamburg Hochschule for Music and Theater (in short: Hochschule Foundation) is not only the sole shareholder of the Hamburg Hochschule Academy HHMT gGmbH, but also its biggest patron. Alongside a wide range of predominantly smaller projects, which the Hochschule Foundation mainly supports at the Hochschule for Music and Theater in Hamburg, the annual production of the International Mendelssohn Festival in Hamburg is one of the largest projects of the Hochschule Foundation.

In addition to good project management, the production of this festival also requires a high degree of commitment from the board of the Hochschule Foundation, which operates in an exclusively honorary capacity. Above all, however, producing the festival costs a great amount of money! The fees for students of the Summer School are kept deliberately low so as to open up these master classes to as great a number of musicians as possible, coming to us in Hamburg from all over the world. A factor that also helps to reduce expenses is that students are lodged in the private homes of the generous citizens of Hamburg.

Despite an element of internal financing, to which the entrance fees for the many concerts and the listening passes also contribute, most of the funds must be raised through donations. The donations come from the Society for the Promotion of the Hochschule Foundation, which has already generously supported this project for years. In addition, funds are raised through appeals to other foundations. Next to the annual organization of the festival, which requires approximately one year of lead time, the procurement of adequate funding presents enormous challenges each year for everyone involved. We are therefore very grateful for every donation, however small, and for every listening pass that is sold.

Enjoy one of the many evening concerts that take place during the festival, where not only students, but also the masters themselves perform. The Hochschule Foundation is authorized to issue certificates of donation that are recognized for tax purposes. The bank account details may be found here alongside.