Master Classes Piano

  • Dates: September, 12-17, 2022 (1ST WEEK)

  • Dates: September, 19-24, 2022 (2ND WEEK)

  • 4 Lessons/Units (1 Week)

  • 8 Lessons/Units (2 Weeks)

  • Concert of the Master Classes

Application possible.
Start: April, 20

Instructors (you can choose one or two weeks)

Alon Goldstein

Alon Goldstein

1ST Week: Sept., 12-17

Stepan Simonian

Stepan Simonian

1ST Week: Sept., 12-17

2ND Week: Sept., 19-24

Hubert Rutkowski

Hubert Rutkowski

2ND Week: Sept., 19-24

Course Fee

Registration for the Mendelssohn Summer School is free of charge. The deadline for registration is June 15, 2022.

Each master class is carried out in the course of a week and consists of 4 instruction units. You have the choice whether you want to take part in one class (350€ course fee) or, for an additional 200€ extra, also a second class in the course of another week (a total of 8 instruction units for 550€).

The precondition for choosing two classes is that they don’t both take place in the same week. If so offered, you can also choose two classes from the same instructor.

The class fees (and optional fees) become due when we confirm your participation. We communicate primarily by e-mail. Please make sure to check your e-mails and, if needed, your spam folder.

  • Course fee 1 week (4 units)
  • 350
  • Course fee 2 weeks (8 units)
  • 550

Chamber Music Class (optional)

In addition to your solo master class, you also have the possibility to play chamber music! To do so, simply enter on the registration form the name of the works you would like to study and rehearse.

We will try to find suitable partners for the class. You can name partners you desire, if you have some.

The chamber music class consists of at least four additional instruction units. The additional class fees of 150€ for the chamber music class become due only if the class is successfully set up.

Please note: If you want to take part in a chamber music class, you must be present for the entire period of the Summer School (Sept. 12 – 24, 2022). This applies, even if you have chosen only one master class.

  • Chamber music class (optional, +4 units)
  • +150

Private Accommodations

In certain cases, there will be the possibility to take advantage of our mediation of private accommodations. Private accommodations are apartments of private persons from our network who have at least one guest room.

The precondition for entitlement to private accommodations is that you have booked two classes, i.e., you are looking for accommodations in Hamburg for two weeks.

If we are successful in mediating such accommodations, administrative fees of 120€ become due. If you are interested in private accommodations, please note this on your registration form.

We are working on collaborations with additional providers in order to make reasonably priced, good accommodations available to all participants.

  • Fee for each person (optional)
  • +120