Master Class Saxophone

  • Period: 14 - 23 September 2020

  • Master Class everyday

  • Concert of the students

  • All concerts of the festival included

All wind courses cancelled in 2020.


Course fees

The Application for the Mendelssohn Summer School is free.

The course fees (and optional fees for arranging a private accommodation) are only due upon confirmation of your participation.

Lunch is included throughout the summer school for all participants.

Further information will be sent by email.

  • Course fees
  • 475

Chamber Music Course (optional)

You have the opportunity to play chamber music in addition to your solo master class. Simply add the works you would like to rehearse! We will try to find suitable partners for the course. You can also specify wish partners. Only if your course takes place, an extra course fee of 125 € is due.

  • Chamber Music Course (optional)
  • +125

Private accommodation

During your stay in Hamburg we will provide you with a private accommodation on request. Private accommodations are apartments of private individuals from our network who have (at least) one guestroom available.

When renting is successful, administrative fees are due (100€).

If you are interested in private accommodation, please note this on your registration form.

  • Price per person (optional)
  • +100